by Art Baltazar
Characters by
Art Baltazar
Rhinosaurus Jack
Dr. Octoplatypus
The Shizzlerd
Areatha Franklynstein
Webster, once a normal spider-monkey
living a normal life, until one day....
A freak science experiment changed his life
forever. An experiment involving a college
student, a spider, and some radioactivity.
Jack is a rhino to the extreme...huge,
deadly and radioactive. He is a
powerhouse with enough ramming
strength to overturn an armored tank!
Shizzlerd is a mutate of shark and lizard.
All intelligence went out the door when
this creature was created. He's wild and
savage with an instinct for destruction.
Areatha is a 300 foot tall giant monster.
Her screams are known to shatter windows
within a 14 block city wide radius.
Dr. Octoplatypus was once Webster's mentor. Until
one day, he too, was caught in the lab explosion.
His brilliant scientific mind was merged with an
octopus and a platypus ...resulting in a Criminal
Evil Genius...real real evil... Dr. Octoplatypus also
lost his neck and one of his tentacles in the
The Radioactive
Space Slug
Larry the Janitor
The Leech
Secret Identity
(c) Art Baltazar
After eating a radioactive bug, that was
discarded on the floor during a science
experiment, the lab monkey, Webster,
gained super intelligence, super sense,
and the ability to cling to any surface.
Scientists took notice of Webster's super
keen intellect and hired him as a lab
Of course he keeps his identity secret...
A giant slug monster...who moves
incredibly slow...and is usually
defeated before he can get
anywhere near the city...
Larry is a janitor at the same Lab
where Webster works. Unaware to
Webster, Larry was also caught in
the explosion...and gained the
sneaky ability to prowl in the
shadows...also super janitor powers.
Now calling himself...The Leech... he
is filled with spite and envy for our
The Leech...  is filled with spite and
envy for our hero...Webster. The
Leech is secretly Larry the janitor!
Soon after Webster ate the bug, the experiment which
was being performed took a turn towards disaster. The
science lab was caught in a huge explosion. As a result,
all the other lab animals began to mutate into creatures
inteeligent, savage, and downright evil...
Webster uses his newly found powers to
protect the city from creatures who were
caught in the same lab accident that
made him...