O F F I C I A L   P A G E !!!
Last January 2007, Jann Jones from DC comics called me at home while I was
feeding my kids breakfast. It was cool to hear from her.  I didn't know she was a
famous DC editor, I just thought she was a Wolf Boy Fan Girl (and she is). She
asked if I would like to work on something for DC and of course I said...YES!
Possitootly Absoloootly!

She had an idea for a new kids line at DC. Something younger, cooler, hipper, and
more kid friendly. Tiny Titans was the title for me! She even said I could have
Franco help me write stories! Then I hung up the phone, called my wife, screamed
around the house for an hour, finished breakfast with my kids, and drew some Tiny
Titans sketches...(see above)...then passed out.

I've been keeping this project secret for a long time. On August 11th 2007 at Wizard
World Chicago, DC made the announcement. We can now talk about Tiny Titans!
Mike Kunkel's doing a new
SHAZAM Series!
Here's how it all started...
Here's the "Who's Who"...
1. Robin
2. Kid Flash
3. Beast Boy
4. Wildebeest
5. Aqualad
6. Fluffy
7. Beppo
8. Wonder Girl
9. Barbara
10. Streaky
11. Supergirl
12. Mammoth
13. Cassie
14. Psimon
15. Raven
16. Power Boy
17. Zatara
18. Shimmer
19. Starfire
20. Kid Crusader
21. Hawk
22. Dove
23. Inertia
24. Blue Beetle
25. Enigma
26. Gizmo
27. Sungirl
28. Duela
29. Lagoon Boy
30. Cyborg
31. Kid Devil
32. Jericho
33. Miss Martian
34. Speedy
35. Penguin
36. Bumblebee
37. Terra
38. Rose
39. Plasmus
40. Li'l Barda
41. Vulcan Jr.
42. Risk
Me and the Boy Wonder!
Tiny Titans Theatre piece
used for Free Comic Book
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