Dr. Luis Flamingo Jr.
Art Baltazar
-Artist -Creator - Writer - Cartoonist - Wizard-
-Artist-Writer-Comic Partner-IN-Crime -
Rose Baltazar
-Inspiration - Writer - Love of my Life-
Rose grew up in the mean streets of Chicago. She was never exposed to radiactivity, although some people may think so. She enjoys fine paintings and fine wine...and the occasional thrifty specials. She's a woman of culture and class and nice smelling hair. Her brain is on fire with intellegence, bursting with words and songs and creativity. My next million dollar idea will surely come from her...
Check this out! Art is a super-cartoonist machine from the heart of Chicago! He's all about the peace, love, and joy. He defines cartoons and comics not only as an artstyle, but as  a way of life. Art started his funky secret art studio in 1994 with the his self-published comic book ..."The Cray-Baby Adventures". Since then, he created other comics such as "Gyro-Man", "Captain Camel & the Space Chicken", "Jimmy Dydo", "Lunar Lizard", "Meteor Mite" and the famous, "Patrick the Wolf Boy". This guy shows no signs of stopping!

Artie has also had a few gigs with
Warner Bros. and had a monthly comic strip in Disney Adventures Magazine called "GORILLA GORILLA"!  Art has  some cool character design skills and has recently completed an autobiographical graphic novel called the "Big Amoeba".

Currently, Artie is the creative force behind the New York Times Best Selling Eisner Award winning DC Comics' TINY TITANS, Co-writer for Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM, and Artist/Co-writer for the awesome TINY TITANS/Little ARCHIE Crossover! From small press to mainstream in a heartbeat!  Art is living the dream! He stays home and draws comics and never has to leave the house! He lives with his lovely wife, Rose, big boy Sonny, little boy Gordon, and little girl Audrey! Right On!
When I first met Franco, he was yelling at a potential customer at a comic convention in New Hampshire. He shouted, "If ya don't like my book, Don't buy it!"  With that being said , the fan nervously walked away. I wondered, Did he sell many comics using that technique? I introduced myself and we became good friends. He is the brains behind the comic book "Weirdsville" and he helps me make the jokes in "Patrick the Wolf Boy" and "Tiny Titans" funnier.  Franco lives in New York with his wife and boy and dog. He draws stuff when he's not trying to drill art lessons through teenagers' skulls.
The good Doctor is a man of mystery. Not much is known of Luis Flamingo, and he seems to prefer it that way.  He is a man of many words and his actions speak even louder. To be within his "Circle of Friends" is a good thing. His skills have caught the attention of Franco and me and now he's a somewhat silent partner of our BlindWolf/Electric Milk Comics Experiment. One thing for sure, we never miss a deadline. And oh yeah, Luis has a PHD.

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Jimmy The Muscle's the Body Guard Security for the guys at Electric Milk Creations, Inc. and BlindWolf Studios. He's exclusive. He'll listen to bribes, but won't take 'em. Remember... you can't Hustle the Muscle.
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