"Patrick's Mom"
"Patrick's Teacher"
" Lil' Neve"
"Bizzarro Alien Patrick"
"The Squirrel"
"The Screaming Pajama Lady"
"The Grimm Reaper"
"Patrick the Wolf Boy"
Copyright Art Baltazar & Franco
Misunderstood by many but loved
by his parents. He's just like a
normal little kid except for one
thing...he's a werewolf. He speaks
with only grunts and growls and
"Wolfs-Up" when the moon is full.
Patrick also has a unique take on
doing things his own way. Oh yeah,
he likes to chase squirrels.
The Squirrel has a love/hate
relationship with Patrick. A typical day
usually consists of getting chased and
terrorized by the Wolf Boy.
"Patrick's Dad"
Wholesome, warm, loving, and motherly. She
balances a career and housework with raising a
little werewolf and still manages to get a full
night's rest....that is, if Patrick's howling doesn't
wake her up. Although her day is busy, she still
does a good job at keeping her boy out of
He's a fun-loving , energetic, and enthusiastic
father. He likes to show Patrick as many
things he can, often taking him to baseball
games, museums and camping trips... while
still trying to teach him right from wrong.
Patrick's classmate and bestfriend.
The little girl who likes to play
hopscotch, jumprope, and games
with her pal Patrick, may be the only
one who truly understands him.
She plays an endearing role in Patrick's life.
When other students bring her apples,  
Patrick brings her much more. He gives new
meaning to the phrase..."teacher's pet".
The Harbinger of Death. The Lord of
Doom...and Patrick's friend. The
Reaper has a bad reputation of things
dying around him but has a fondness
in his heart for Patrick.
Patrick's next door neighbor. She is a very
angry and bitter old woman who often
blames Patrick for the problems around
her house. Patrick  thinks she may be an
evil witch....which usually leads to  getting
water dumped on her.
When this alien came to visit earth, he
became fascinated with the discoveries
of Patrick's lifestyle. Using Patrick as a
role model, Bizzarro Alien Patrick, often
visits earth and plays the role of our
favorite Wolf Boy.
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"The Patrick the Wolf Boy Cast"
"The Bully"
He is as evil as evil can be. He thrives on
stealing lunches and milk money and has
a bad "rep" around school. Also, he
hates our little Wolf Boy. Patrick deals
with him as only a little wolf boy can.
Patrick's dog.  When the situation involves
one of Patrick's antics, Habanero is usually
in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is
often blamed for something Patrick did.