created by
Art Baltazar & Dawn Bierek
(c) Art Baltazar and Dawn Bierek
Green Aliens
Quiet, Mysterious, Cunning, and known
throughout the universe for their evil
torture devices. The Green Aliens are
not the kind of people you want to
casually run into. Evil, evil, evil.
Karl is facinated with space and science. Then
one day his wish came true...he became a
Rocket Scientist. Now he explores the cosmos
with his loyal monkey sidekick, Quigley.

He loves to conduct experiments often using
his sidekick, Quigley in many of them.
He doesn't think twice about sending Quigley
into space, or scanning his brainwaves, or
poking him with the occasional needle...or two.
Although Karl is dedicated to science, his
experiments usually lead to trouble, danger,
and hostile aliens...
Quigley is Karl's trusty sidekick. His job
is to "Do" and not ask the questions.
When experments go wrong,  there is a
chance it was because of something
Quigley did. He could possibly be
history's first space monkey....some
Dr. Professor
The good Doctor is Karl's mentor. He was
also Karl's caretaker when Karl was just a
normal lizard, way back when.... before the
disaster that gave Karl his super
intelligence... uh... turning him into a "Rocket
More to come...