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The Grimm Reaper
B.L. Bubba Crisp
Zombie Butler Roy
(c) Art Baltazar & Franco!
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Minnie is B.L. Bubba Crisp's evil
minion of evil. He likes living in Hell
and bends at  B.L.'s every whim.
He exists to make the boss happy.
Bubba is the Lord of Evil and the ruler of
firey Hell. (He may even be Satan
himself....we are not really sure.)
Eventhough Bubba has his own Evil
Domain to control and manipulate, he gets
board once in a while and calls his buddy
Grimm for a good time, just to hang out, or
maybe pick up chicks.
Oscar is the terrified pet Goldfish of The
Grimm Reaper. He is constantly fearing
that the next feeding may be his last.
um...and he lives in a bowl.
Roy is the trusty sidekick and butler to the
Lord of Doom. He is also Grimm's his best
buddy and confidant. Roy is a "dead"-icated
servant and often has problems with
everyday chores like, laundry, cooking,
plumbing, and even grocery shopping.
Roy's a good
The Lord of Doom. The Harbinger of
Death. Grimm's actually a nice guy when
you get to know him. It's just, getting to
know him means..uh..that your time's up.
So let's just say, Grimm doesn't have many
friends, (normal one's anyway), but he still
tries to live a normal life among the
common folk.  Its just his "Job" that makes
him so...scary.