A Mammal on a Mission...
Young Cadet Camel & Cadet Crayski
© Art Baltazar
Real name Mahr Camel, Captain
Camel is a work-for-hire Bounty
Hunter, Smuggler, and Space
Adventurer. He'll get you
whatever you need if the price is
right. He is known across the
galaxy and has a reputation of
being a rough character.
Somehow his "charming"
personality seems to attract Bad
guys, Danger and Trouble...but,
you can be sure Captain Camel
will get the job done.
Captain Camel is your Mammal.
Trusty sidekick, and loyal partner of
Captain Camel. The Space Chicken has
become a devoted partner and friend
ever since Captain Camel rescued the
Chicken from the Evil Fry Cook many
years ago. Over the years, the Chicken
has developed a "crush" for our Captain.
Y'see, the Space Chicken, is really a
"Hen"...but, Captain Camel doesn't
realize this. He always assumed his
Partner was a rooster...hmmm....
Years before Camel became a Captain and
took to the stars, he had to "earn his
wings"  at the "Intergalactic Space
Academy".  There is where he met Crayski,
of Cray-Baby fame. Together they flew
rockets, met aliens, and seemed to always
find mischief. Eventually the two became
best friends.
Frobi is also a work-for-hire bounty
hunter/smuggler and knows Captain
Camel from a long time ago. Even though
they have different ways of doing their
jobs, the two can still enjoy a pizza and a
beverage together.
    Craybini is Frobi Woo's loyal
    sidekick. Smart thinker and
    quick on his feet, Craybini has
    gotten the two of these guys out
    of some tough jams from time to
Much of Captain Camel's adventures
have been dedicated to finding some
skin for the Monkey's face. The
Monkey first lost his skin on
"Cray-World"....but that's another story.
Big, Mean, Greedy, Stinky, Smuggler,
Bounty Hunter and ...our Hero's nasty
rival. The Avenger will not take kindly to a
"double-cross"...and just rather see you
dead. He hates the Sterized Monkey for
impersonating him and vows to hunt him
down like a wet sack of diapers.
uh,..he's real real mad.
Intergalactic Crimelord and Big
Boss of the Galaxy's Underworld.
Modo has his hands in many of the
shady-misdealings happening in as
we speak. Its never a good thing
knowing Craggi Modo is involved.
oh yeah, Captain Camel hates this
Evil rivals of the Cray-Babies and the
destructors of Cray-World, these guys
are the nastiest creatures ever to slither
this end of the galaxy. They have given
Captain Camel trouble on numerous
occasions usually when he's "in the
wrong place at the wrong time".
Quiet, Mysterious, Cunning, and
known throughout the universe
for their evil torture devices. The
Green Aliens are not the kind of
people you want to casually run
into. Evil, evil, evil.